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For over 50 combined years, we have dedicated our careers to assisting and coordinating in the investigation, seizure and prosecution in relation to intellectual property crime in the Canadian marketplace, on the internet and at the border. We regularly hold conferences and conduct workshops and training of police forces, governmental organizations and the private sector at which thousands of attendees have received training in counterfeit product identification as well as the prosecution of IP crimes.

This includes the service of over 10,000 Anton Piller Orders, Statements of Claims and cease and desist letters across Canada for over 100 brands since 1985 and the coordination of numerous investigations and attendances on criminal enforcement as a resource and/or witness.

The genesis and foundation of our practice is our expertise as litigators before the Federal Court of Canada. Members of our firm were and continue to be pioneers in brand protection including obtaining and enforcing rolling Anton Piller orders and other seizure related orders.  Every year, we serve thousands of cease and desist letters and initiate and litigate numerous actions claiming injunctive and Anton Piller related relief relating to counterfeit goods.

Additionally, we regularly assist our clients in the removal of infringing content online. We actively enforce IP rights on behalf of our clients on websites, social media, third-party marketplaces, any all emerging digital technologies.

Efficient.  Effective.  Results.

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