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26th Annual Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting Conference

Sep 20-22, 2023
Toronto, Ontario 











Attend one of the most comprehensive, practical and educational fraud &
anti-counterfeiting conferences available today and learn from the experts about the
current state and solutions regarding this global problem.

Novotel Toronto
North York Hotel
3 Park Home Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Tuesday Sep 19/23:
6:00pm Table Setup
7:00pm Registration and Reception


Wednesday Sep 20/23:
8:00am—5:00pm Registration and Sessions
6:30pm Main Reception


Thursday Sep 21/23:
8:00am—5:00pm Registration and Sessions

5:30pm Closing Reception

Friday Sep 22/23: Networking Events
Option 1: Trip to Niagara on the Lake / Niagara Falls
Option 2: Toronto Day Trip: Hockey Hall of Fame / CN Tower / Toronto Boat Tour

For more information or to reserve a spot please contact

Wayne Lipkus - or 416.678.8292

Online and offline investigation and enforcement challenges.

Cyber security issues.


The effect of new technologies, including A.I., NFT’s and the Crypto world.
Local, regional and global efforts.

Protecting business from fraud and counterfeit.


Laws relating to fraud, passing off, proceeds of crime and money laundering.


Socio-economic implications: organized crime, identify theft, tax evasion, welfare fraud, trans-shipments.


Touch and feel the difference between hundreds of different counterfeit and authentic products.
Border enforcement.

Marketplaces, websites, 3rd party vendors, auction sites and live sales.


Network with law enforcement and others invited from, and dealing in, numerous jurisdictions across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, South America and elsewhere.

Space is limited
If you are interested in attending please reserve your spot by registering or
contacting us as soon as possible.
Don’t be disappointed.


Efficient.  Effective.  Results.

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